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Bundled KSB knowledge: Planning information for tubular casing pumps

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This brochure provides proven planning information for the integration of tubular casing pumps into a larger system. Not only the hydraulic system characteristic curve has an influence on the operation of the pump, but also the forces occuring on the pump and the system during operation must be considered. For example, the intake geometrie has a decisive influence on the pump´s performance and operating behavior.

Excerpt from the table of contents:

  • Planning information for the integration of tubular casing pumps into a pumping system
    • The pump as an interface between environment and the system
    • KSB tubular casing pumps – flexible solutions for every application
    • More than just the pump – KSB's services for tubular casing pumps
    • The pump installed in the system – a description of selected forces
    • Parameters to be considered during installation
  • „Best practice“ examples of pump and system component configurations
    • Example 1: Two expansion joints
    • Example 2: Wall anchorage point with expansion joint
    • Example 3: The anchorage point can be undone and adjusted
    • Example 4: Wall anchorage point without expansion joint
    • An overview of the advantages and drawbacks

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Unser Whitepaper bescheibt, welchen Stellenwert effoziente Planung, richtige Komponentenwahl und eine kluge Auslegung auf die Total Cost of Ownership einer Entwässerungsanlage haben.