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Bundled KSB knowledge: Planning information for mixers and agitators

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Our technology. Your success. Pumps - Valves - Service

In municipal sewage treatment plants, submersible mixers are used both in storage tanks and in basins in the biological stage. Get a basic feel for processes and applications as well as positioning of submersible mixers. You will also receive valuable assistance for the correct design, e.g. based on a CFD simulation.

Excerpt from the table of contents:

  • Amamix Submersible Mixer
  • Amaprop Submersible Mixer
  • Processes and Applications
  • Mixer Positioning
  • CFD

Request planning information for mixers and stirrers

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Unser Whitepaper bescheibt, welchen Stellenwert effoziente Planung, richtige Komponentenwahl und eine kluge Auslegung auf die Total Cost of Ownership einer Entwässerungsanlage haben.